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Choose the test, we’ll do the rest

Instead of forcing you to create segments of lists, send multiple campaigns and scour over pages of email marketing statistics, our testing tool does all the heavy lifting for you.

All you need to do is choose what to test (subject line, from name or different email content) and how to decide the winner (open rate, link clicks, etc) and we’ll take it from there.

Captivate Mail will then send both versions to a small subset of your recipients, see which version wins and automatically send that winning version to the remainder of your recipients.

In a few clicks you’ve guaranteed that the best version of your email is being sent to your subscribers, and you’ve learned something doing it.

How it works

  • A new type of campaign to send

    When you create a new campaign, you’ll notice a new tab for running an A/B split campaign. Clicking that will let you choose what test you want to run and get started.
  • Setting the test parameters

    A simple slider makes it easy to choose the size of your list you’d like to test on. Next choose how to pick the winner and how long the test should run for.
  • Watching a test in progress

    For all you stats junkies out there, this sweet report gives you a bird’s eye view of a test as it’s running.

    When the winner is decided, we’ll send it to the rest of your list automatically. If you like, you can pre-empt this and send any time during the test.
  • Post-test report with benefit estimates

    After the test is run and the winning version sent to the remainder of your recipients, you can access the full results of the test.

    We’ll also extrapolate the performance improvement of the winning version to give you an idea of the total benefit of sending that version to the remainder of your list.
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